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Here at Tyre World, we do all tyres and all services. If you're struggling to source the tyres you need, give us a call and we'll help you find them and fit them!

Fit & Supply

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right tyres for your vehicle. We can source the right tyres and fit them for you when they arrive.



Tyre rotation is the practice of moving the wheels and tyres of an automobile from one position to another, to ensure even tire wear.

Problem Diagnostics.png

Problem Diagnosis

There are many possible issues that can arise concerning your vehicles tyres, but the fact is the tyres themselves are rarely the issue. 

Wheel Alignment.png

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment brings the car's suspension into its proper configuration so that all wheels are aligned with one another.

Puncture Repairs.png

Puncture Repairs

In some situations, your tyre can be repaired rather than replaced. However, It depends on where the damage is and how bad it is. 

Wheel Balancing.png

Wheel Balancing

By having your wheels balanced regularly, you'll increase the life of your steering and suspension systems.

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Corner of Courtney Road & Wilrose Place, Gate Pa, Tauranga

07 578 0256

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5pm
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